Waking Shards

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Waking Shards is a 2 to 4 player game that you can carry in your pocket and play anywhere. The game is easy to learn but still deep in terms of strategy and combos. Amass an army of Guardians and find the Shards to combine their powers and outsmart your opponents.

(card game)

Marsh Adventure


My entry for the 2016 7DRL challenge. It's a 3x3 roguelike where you play as a shapeshifting druid. Choose your items wisely, for they will decide your fate.


Arcane Tower

The last game of my roguelike trilogy. Game mechanics were carefully designed to make every run challenging, interesting and super fun.


Square Siege

This is a small side project that turned out to be a fun and challenging game. Crush squares against walls to get points. Getting a high score requires a lot of skill and good timing.


Power Grounds

iOS version7 day version (desktop)

Made for the 7DRL. Gather different powers to fight your enemies. Will you choose offensive or defensive abilities? The goal of the game is to escape alive, but brutal enemies will make the task very challenging.

(iOS, desktop)

Amber Halls

A very tiny and colorful roguelike. Use powerful items to outsmart your enemies. Will you be able to escape alive?


Totem Clash

A 2-player turn-based strategy game.
Defend and attack. Positioning is the key. Collect items for some unexpected victories.


The Honeycomb

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Puzzles and adventure. Cool power-ups. Amazing art and music.
Includes a level creator. Share your levels with the rest of the world!


New Journey

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I don't know what the multiverse is like, but I'm sure it must be mind-blowing.



Free puzzle game made with PuzzleScript. Pushing blocks with magic is always challenging.


Amarillan Room

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You are trapped in a yellow room.
Find items, think, escape.